Throughout the spring, summer and autumn of 2016 the Seto area was host to the Setouchi Triennale.  In Takamatsu, Uno and 12 islands within the Seto Inland Sea this major International Art Festival played host to hundreds of exhibitions from artists around the world.

Takamijima, only taking part in the autumn section of the festival, is effectively one large hill/mountain which means lots of climbing when you go there to explore. The island is usually a small and quiet fishing island with approximately 100 residents however during the festival it was bustling with tourists and locals alike
The island was arguably my favourite location in the Triennale.  The locals, in true Kagawa style, were incredibly friendly and inviting, the old houses and stunning views made for a really beautiful location and overall there was just a real charm to the island.

In addition to this my favourite piece of art, “Time Falls” by Kayako Nakashima, was hosted here. In a dark abandoned house, shards of light were allowed to penetrate the walls and work their way into the room via sharp straight lines. It was a great use of space and I could happily have stayed in there for hours taking photos and taking in every angle.

The countdown is already on until the next time I can visit and wander the streets around this cosy island village.
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