Forty minutes on the ferry from Takamatsu can take you to a surprising number of places, however there are few more ready and willing to accept visitors than the unique island of Naoshima (直島).

Brimming with beautiful architecture, modern art houses, sculptures and the incredible ChiChu Art Museum, Naoshima is a must visit for anyone in need of a break from the norm.  The wide selection of art and architecture are all nestled amongst the sandy beaches and beautiful island views that this laid back location offers. Easy to access but feeling a million miles away from the mainland, Naoshima is a truly unique rural getaway with so much more than simply a pair of pumpkins on offer.  Part of Kagawa prefecture, the typical Kagawa friendliness and openness is on show all over the island and you’ll be free to cycle, drive or walk unhindered across almost all of the island. There’s a good selection of hostels and cafes to choose from as well, all of which have a reasonably good level of English to help you feel at home. 

Reading this page back now I realise I’ve typed all of this out as if it’s an advert but perhaps that’s just because I want more people to experience this great spot in the heart of the Seto.
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