One thing I never expected when I came to Japan was that the country would be teeming with abandoned locations, called "Haikyo" in Japanese. However not only is there an abundance of urban exploration to be done in Japan but I’ve also been incredibly lucky to meet friends who are also open to exploring and wandering around these locations.

Whenever I mention that I have the hobby of ‘urban exploration’ the reaction varies wildly. My previous office job in the U.K. was in complete agreement that it was “weird” and many people have told me that they “don’t agree with it.” But I personally think they perhaps dismiss it at face value without ever caring to learn more.
I find abandoned locations fascinating, temporary small glimpse into the past that are open to be explored before they disappear for good.  Spooky and exciting in equal measure.

This particular Haikyo consisted of a large hotel with an attached observation tower.  It was great fun to explore but was just a small part in one of those rare adventurous days where, without an ounce of a plan, everything somehow worked out right.  From a landslide, bicycle incident, stray dogs blocking the entrance and changeable weather, this was still perhaps one of my favourite days in Japan yet.
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